Calculate The Area for Sod

1. MEASURE the area where you want to lay sod (length and width in feet). Length = 22 ft.
Width = 35 ft.
2. MULTIPLY the length by width. This will give you the total square footage. 22 x 35 = 770 sq.ft. total
3. To figure the cost (not yet including tax), MULTIPLY the square footage from above (#2) by our current price per square foot. 770 sq.ft.(Fescue)
x $.89 / sq.ft. **
= $685.30
4. To figure tax, MULTIPLY by the Moriarty tax rate (7.4375%) and ADD that to your total from above (# 3). $685.30
x 7.4375% (Moriarty Tax Rate)
= $50.97 Tax
+ 50.97 (Tax)
= $ 736.27 Total
(does not include any delivery charges)
**Sod is available in rolls from 5 and 7 sq.ft. (18″ x 54″) to 300 sq.ft.
Our regular rolls are 7 square feet.

One Pallet =
455 sq.ft. and weighs approximately 2300 lbs. depending on water content (adds weight).

We DO NOT take responsibility for
incorrect square footage figures.

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